A brief introduction to one of the nominees for the 2013 Turner Prize

Turner Prize 2013 - Lynette Yiadom-Boakye installation
Lynette Yiadom-Boakye's installation at the Turner Prize 2013

Nominated for

Her exhibition Extracts and Verses at Chisenhale Gallery.

Who she is

Born in London, Yiadom-Boakye paints portraits of imaginary people, constructing them from memories of encounters with real people and scrapbook gatherings. Each work is completed within a single day – she says she never finds coming back to a work improves it. A writer and poet too, her paintings have a tantalising sense of narrative about them. Yet they are carefully ambiguous – clothing is generic, the setting is hard to discern and even the gender of the subjects is uncertain.

What they say

The people she depicts are often doing some unremarkable everyday act, like lying down or removing a sock… But their psychological complexity hits deep. The delicate mystery of an unreadable lip curl, a curiously game smile or an awkward stance has a subtle, if insistent, pull on our imagination.
Skye Sherwin, The Guardian

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The Turner Prize 2013 exhibition runs until 5 January 2014 in Derry~Londonderry. The winner is announced Monday 2 December 2013