Tate Members has been going strong for 55 years. In that time Members' support has helped acquire over 500 works of art and enable ambitious and creative building projects

We thought it was time to find out exactly what keeps Members coming back for more, so to kick off we asked Jon Snow, Chair of Tate Members Council

I’m a Tate Member because it brings me an amazing diversity of access to great art in magnificent places. From the intimacy of St Ives to the vastness of the Turbine Hall and most recently the new Tate Britain with its fabulously formed new gallery spaces and the beautifully refurbished Members Room, providing a fitting home for the world’s most important collection of British art.

It also takes me places in appreciating art that I never knew existed. One example was the sensational Lichtenstein show at Tate Modern. I thought I’d hardly need to go, that I knew it all. I was wrong. The show was electrifying and produced insights and themes that I had never explored before.

I am also enthused by the fact that my support as a Member helps bring more art to more people. This year alone Tate Members helped acquire John Constable’s stunning Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows 1831, saving it for the nation, as well as acquiring new art to continue growing the collection and ensuring the galleries remain free for people to enjoy.

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