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  1. Video: Interview
    17 January 2013
    Length: 00:02:13

    Yves Klein used naked women as ‘human paintbrushes’. TateShots talked to one of his models about the experience.

    Part of the series: TateShots
  2. Video: Interview
    20 December 2012
    Length: 00:04:23

    'How does painting relate to performance art?'

    Part of the series: TateShots
  3. Audio: Talks and lectures
    27 November 2012

    In connection with A Bigger Splash: Painting after Performance exhibition at Tate Modern, David Hockney is in conversation with Nicholas Serota. 

    Part of the series: Exhibition: A Bigger Splash
  4. Video: Interview
    14 November 2012
    Length: 00:03:09

    Are these paintings or a stage set? Artist Lucy McKenzie presents us with an elegant room, complete with fake marbling, trompe l'oeil radiators and...

    Part of the series: TateShots