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  1. Video: Exhibition film
    2 April 2015
    Length: 00:03:01

    Tracey Emin talks about the emotional return of her controversial Turner Prize nominated work My Bed

  2. Video: Exhibition film
    21 November 2014
    Length: 00:04:44

    Snail juice, meteor dust and potatoes...just some of the unusual materials explored by German artist Sigmar Polke

    Part of the series: TateShots
  3. Video: Interview
    7 November 2014
    Length: 00:04:06

    How might someone with limited sight experience a painting? Tate Guide Lisa Squirrel draws on her own experience to share exhibitions with other...

    Part of the series: TateShots
  4. Video: Exhibition film
    31 July 2014
    Length: 00:03:52

    Co-curator Michael White explores how Mondrian's studio became a way of creating abstract space outside his paintings.

    Part of the series: TateShots
  5. Video: Interview
    24 July 2014
    Length: 00:03:02

    ‘You use what you need to get what you want’. Eva Rothschild explores her use of materials in her sculptural works

    Part of the series: TateShots
  6. Video: Interview
    17 July 2014
    Length: 00:03:14

    Malevich's Black Square is the Hour Zero of modern art for many artists, showing how much one work can change the course of art history. But what...

    Part of the series: Exhibition: Malevich
  7. Video: Feature
    23 April 2014
    Length: 00:03:17

    Fashion icon Iris Apfel turns up the colour as she styles herself after Matisse

    Part of the series: Exhibition: Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs
  8. Video: Feature
    3 March 2014
    Length: 00:03:38

    Art and the lure of the ruin

  9. Video: Feature
    15 February 2014
    Length: 00:05:37

    Television presenter and writer Dawn O'Porter takes us on a whistle-stop tour of nudity in art, from its origins 25,000 years ago to the present day

    Part of the series: Unlock Art
  10. Video: Interview
    23 January 2014
    Length: 00:04:07

    An artist as well as a musician, the lead singer of The Horrors finds a lot in common with Paul Klee. 'Expression can be as raw as you want it to...

    Part of the series: TateShots
Showing 1-10 of 38 results