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  1. Audio: Talks and lectures
    2 October 2014

    Who do artists think they are? What myths are they rejecting and propagating? What is the social role of artists in different countries around the...

  2. Audio: Talks and lectures
    10 June 2014

    What do you pack for the rest of your life? This event is an opportunity to examine the relationship between the arts and health, to look at...

  3. Video: Talks and lectures

    Be inspired by the Tate Britain collection through a series of illuminating talks by eminent speakers such as 2012 Booker Prize nominee Deborah...

  4. Video: Feature
    10 January 2014
    Length: 00:03:11

    Vote in Tate’s new prize for digital talent

  5. Video: Interview
    25 September 2013
    Length: 00:03:36

    Martin Myrone explores the work of William Blake from Tate's permanent display

    Part of the series: Meet 500 years of British Art
  6. Audio: Talks and lectures
    25 September 2010

    These twenty-four poems were written on Pascale Petit's Poetry from Art summer course in the galleries at Tate Modern. The pamphlet includes poems...

  7. Audio: Special event
    4 August 2010

    This is an audio recording of Mick Jones: science fiction books in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Public Library, in conversation with writer Paul Gorman.

  8. Audio: Conference

    The Dadaists, Futurists and Vorticists all rejected the sublime outright, but the relationship between modernist and sublime art is not a simple...

  9. Audio: Talks and lectures
    23 March 2009

    Siobhan Davies, Ian McEwan, David Buckland, and Dr Philip Shaw discuss their experiences of the cold north and their artistic and philosophical...

  10. Audio: Performance and music
    23 March 2009

    Ian McEwan reads excerpts from his new and unpublished novel. McEwan joined the Cape Farewell expedition to Svalbard in 2005 and speaks of the...

Showing 1-10 of 34 results