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  1. Audio: Conference

    This seminar explores questions and issues around ‘single artist collections’ – the in-depth holdings of key individual artists found in many...

  2. Audio: Talks and lectures
    13 June 2014

    How do patrons influence artists and the art market? What is the relationship between collectors, artists and galleries? How is power...

  3. Audio: Conference

    Through a series of six public workshops the Cultural value and the digital: practice, policy and theory research project will explore how...

  4. Video: Interview
    24 April 2014
    Length: 00:06:05

    Haunting music amidst the ruins in this intimate peformance by the band Daughter

  5. Audio: Talks and lectures
    22 February 2014

    One of the architects of Tate Modern, Jacques Herzog, discusses the future of museum architecture with art critic and historian Hal Foster, author...

  6. Video: Talks and lectures
    21 July 2012
    Length: 00:22:48

    Dorothea von Hantelmann The Museum and the Social

  7. Video: Conference

    This two-day international conference presented current knowledge, recent research and practice-based case studies exploring the use of low-oxygen...

  8. Video: Conference

    The Curating in Africa symposium, organised by Kerryn Greenberg (Curator, International Art, Tate Modern) in collaboration with Tate National, and...

  9. Video: Conference

    On the occasion of two major exhibitions of abstract art, Van Doesburg and the International Avant-Garde: Constructing a New World and Arshile...

  10. Audio: Conference

    Almost everyone has a mobile in their pocket, but are museums ready to communicate with their audiences in this way? Museum professionals from...

Showing 1-10 of 14 results