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  1. Audio: Conference
    21 February 2015

    ‘From Absence to Presence,’ session takes in depictions of Ancient Mythology right through to the Georgian era featuring speakers...

  2. Audio: Conference
    21 February 2015

    ‘Victorians – a Conversation’ considers alternative visual readings of the era including presentations on photography and painting from Dr Caroline...

  3. Audio: Conference
    21 February 2015

    In ‘Model Citizens’ we delve into the lives of artists models in the interwar years with presentations on Patrick Nelson and Sunita by Dr Gemma...

  4. Audio: Conference
    21 February 2015

    The final session, with Prof Partha Mitter, considers the role of Indian artists and art students in the dawn of Modernism, followed by a plenary...

  5. Audio: Conference

    From characters from ancient mythology to the birth of modernism, this symposium takes an interdisciplinary approach, exploring relationships...

  6. Audio: Conference
    20 February 2015

    Borderline (1930) is a groundbreaking silent film with an explicit theme of racial prejudice and an implicit homoerotic subtext....

  7. Video: Interview
    9 December 2014
    Length: 00:04:05

    The mysterious death of her father led Indre Serpytyte on a photographic journey through Lithuania’s history

    Part of the series: TateShots
  8. Audio: Talks and lectures
    22 November 2014

    What is the value of being a citizen? What are the values that will or should guide the future citizen?  How can we rethink the idea of value...

  9. Audio: Talks and lectures
    10 June 2014

    What do you pack for the rest of your life? This event is an opportunity to examine the relationship between the arts and health, to look at...

  10. Audio: Talks and lectures
    25 May 2014

    Open Form is a concept formulated by Oskar Hansen (1922–2005), architect, artist and lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw affiliated with...

Showing 1-10 of 85 results