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  1. Audio: MixTate
    23 April 2015
    Length: 00:29:29

    For the sixth in the series, Manchester-based DJ Conor Thomas takes inspiration from Jackson Pollock’s Summertime: Number 9A 1948

  2. Audio: MixTate
    26 March 2015
    Length: 00:25:27

    For the fifth in our series, Austrian duo HVOB take inspiration from the serenity and clarity of Helena Almeida’s series Drawing ...

  3. Audio: MixTate
    28 December 2014
    Length: 00:15:08

    For the fourth in our series, New York-based producer FaltyDL takes inspiration from Ford Madox Brown’s Take Your Son, Sir c.1851–92

  4. Audio: MixTate
    2 September 2014
    Length: 00:15:44

    For the second in our series, Berlin-based producer Claude Speeed takes inspiration from Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 5 1997

  5. Video: Interview
    24 July 2014
    Length: 00:03:02

    ‘You use what you need to get what you want’. Eva Rothschild explores her use of materials in her sculptural works

    Part of the series: TateShots
  6. Audio: MixTate
    28 May 2014
    Length: 00:20:30

    For the first in a series of commissioned mixes inspired by works in the Tate collection, London-based producer E.M.M.A creates a mix of her...

  7. Video: Interview
    23 April 2014
    Length: 00:05:07

    The Doctor travels through time to bring us the story of Surrealism

    Part of the series: Unlock Art
  8. Video: Feature
    5 February 2014
    Length: 00:00:56

    Jimmy Wales, IK Prize juror and Founder of Wikipedia, announces the winner of the 2014 Prize at Tate: The Workers for 'After Dark'

  9. Video: Feature
    10 January 2014
    Length: 00:02:43

    Vote in Tate’s new prize for digital talent

  10. Video: Feature
    10 January 2014
    Length: 00:03:11

    Vote in Tate’s new prize for digital talent

Showing 1-10 of 57 results