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  1. Audio: Talks and lectures
    11 June 2009

    Van Dyck's portraits of nobility appear to represent their sitters as superior beings, 'naturally' entitled to the pre-eminence which they enjoyed....

  2. Audio
    10 June 2009

    As court painter, Anthony van Dyck was largely responsible for creating the glamorous image that surrounds the court of King Charles I. Aileen...

  3. Audio: Talks and lectures
    10 June 2009

    In collaboration with Tate Etc.. Adam Nicolson brings Van Dyck to life with a focus on his relationship with one special patron: the Pembrokes of...

  4. Audio: Talks and lectures
    14 May 2009

  5. Audio: Talks and lectures
    14 May 2009

  6. Audio: Poem
    31 May 2007

    This June Jacob Polley presents his poem based on Nicholas Hilliard’s Queen Elizabeth I, currently on display at Tate Britain.

    Part of the series: Poem of the month