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  1. Audio: Conference

    This seminar explores questions and issues around ‘single artist collections’ – the in-depth holdings of key individual artists found in many...

  2. Audio: Talks and lectures
    28 June 2014

    DAAR (Alessandro Petti, Sandi Hilal, Eyal Weizman) in conversation with Ilan Pappe and Okwui Enwezor. An international panel of speakers come...

  3. Audio: Talks and lectures
    14 June 2014

    Artists and curators explore how photographers have experimented with processes that push our understanding of the photographic form, from the...

  4. Audio: Talks and lectures
    13 June 2014

    How do patrons influence artists and the art market? What is the relationship between collectors, artists and galleries? How is power...

  5. Audio: Talks and lectures
    10 June 2014

    What do you pack for the rest of your life? This event is an opportunity to examine the relationship between the arts and health, to look at...

  6. Audio: Talks and lectures
    10 June 2014

    A rare opportunity to hear Hans Haacke, Do Ho Suh, Sheela Gowda, Camille Henrot and Roman Ondák talk about the relevance and personal importance of...

  7. Audio: Talks and lectures
    9 June 2014

    Martin Parr, Gerry Badger and Hannah Watson in conversation with Simon Baker Watch video recording of the event

  8. Audio: Talks and lectures
    2 June 2014

    In this public event the contemporary artist Thomas Demand talks with Nicholas Serota about how and why Matisse and his studio have been an...

  9. Audio: Talks and lectures
    29 May 2014

    Artist Spencer Finch is in conversation with writer, critic and curator Sacha Craddock.  Over the last three decades, Spencer Finch has been...

  10. Audio: Talks and lectures
    25 May 2014

    Open Form is a concept formulated by Oskar Hansen (1922–2005), architect, artist and lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw affiliated with...

Showing 1-10 of 702 results