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  1. Audio: Conference
    9 February 2007

    An audio recording from the conference The Rise of the London Art Market held at Tate Britain. Professor Pamela Fletcher: ‘Shopping for Art:...

  2. Video: Interview
    2 February 2007
    Length: 10:50:41

    Artist Interview

    Part of the series: Art Now
  3. Audio: Poem
    1 February 2007

    Anne Rouse presents her poem based on Andreas Gursky's 99 Cent 1999, exhibited as part of UBS Openings: Photography from The UBS Art...

    Part of the series: Poem of the month
  4. Video: Performance and music
    27 January 2007
    Length: 09:07:57

    Matt Mullican performs while under a state of hypnosis. Warning: Contains Strong Language

  5. Video: Talks and lectures
    18 January 2007
    Length: 21:47:40

    Nan Goldin speaks about her career and recent work with Stuart Comer, curator of film at Tate Modern.

  6. Video: Performance and music
    12 January 2007
    Length: 00:05:07

    Martin Creed performance at Tate Modern and interview

  7. Audio: Talks and lectures
    10 January 2007

    Sean Scully uses his essay Giorgio Morandi: Resistance and Persistence, published by Merrell, as a starting point to describe links between Morandi...

  8. Audio: Poem
    2 January 2007

    Moniza Alvi presents her poem on Samuel Palmer's Coming From Evening Church.

    Part of the series: Poem of the month
Showing 191-198 of 198 results