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  1. Video: Interview
    25 January 2016
    Length: 00:06:20

    Filmmaker, writer and artist Miranda July began her career with performance and continues to move seamlessly across disciplines including app-making.

    Part of the series: TateShots
  2. Video: Interview
    19 January 2016
    Length: 00:04:49

    We visit artist Yinka Shonibare MBE in his East London studio where he has created a separate exhibition space for emerging artists

    Part of the series: TateShots
  3. Video: Exhibition film
    4 January 2016
    Length: 00:00:30

    Until 10 April 2016

  4. Video: Interview
    18 December 2015
    Length: 00:04:58

    Stuart Brisley is an artist often hailed as the 'godfather of British performance art', who has worked in a wide range of media including...

    Part of the series: TateShots
  5. Video: Special event
    8 December 2015
    Length: 00:02:36

    2015 Turner Prize winners Assemble are the first group to ever win. .

    Part of the series: TateShots
  6. Video: Exhibition film
    23 November 2015
    Length: 00:04:14

    Watch the UK Premiere of Earle Brown’s Calder Piece composed during the 1960s to be performed exclusively on Alexander Calder’s Chef d’orchestre.

    Part of the series: TateShots
  7. Audio: Talks and lectures
    12 November 2015

    Ethnography in the art museum was the second of three events at Tate examining key questions for research and practice in arts and cultural...

  8. Video: Documentary
    11 November 2015
    Length: 00:04:26

    Abraham Cruzvillegas talks about both his work and Mexico City as unstable yet optimistic

  9. Video: Interview
    5 November 2015
    Length: 00:03:41

    Turner Prize 2015 nominee Nicole Wermers discusses her work Infrastruktur.

  10. Audio
    27 October 2015

    This seminar brought together a range of responses and proposals to the current state of residency programmes. Hosted byTate St Ives and ...

Showing 31-40 of 1748 results