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Blog Tate Kids: digital play and participation

In the last eight years, children’s relationship to digital media has completely changed. It is time to take stock of how Tate relates to this audience. Tate Kids Producer Kathryn Box shares her highlights from the Tate Kids evaluation

Art Picks Marcel Mariën, 'Star Dancer' 1991 If I was a synchronised swimmer

Take a dip in to Tate’s collection and browse our slideshow of artworks on the theme of swimming

Blog Archives & Access project: Intoart: activating our archive

Sam Jones and Ella Ritchie, co-founders of Intoart, a visual arts organisation based in London working with adults and young people with learning disabilities,share their experience of collaboratively developing an artists’ archive

Kirkcaldy Galleries : Blog ARTIST ROOMS blog: Diane Arbus portraiture workshops in Kirkcaldy

Photographer Alicia Bruce writes about portraiture workshops at Kirkcaldy Galleries inspired by the Diane Arbus exhibition

Blog Robert Mapplethorpe and 21st Century Audiences

Artist, writer and educator Frank Wasser writes about his experience guiding groups through displays at Tate’s London galleries and how Robert Mapplethorpe’s photography speaks to current day audiences