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Blog How Matisse made his masterpiece: the Vence Chapel

Assistant curator Flavia Frigeri explains how Matisse’s cut-outs were transformed into cloth in what the artist called his masterpiece - the design of the Vence chapel

Blog The Sound of British Folk Art

Step into Bella Union’s world of folk music as the independent record label present their playlist in celebration of British Folk Art at Tate Britain

Blog How Matisse was seduced by the palm tree

Find out how Matisse’s wrangling with the question of how to represent a tree began a lasting love affair with the handsome palm

Blog Lulu Guinness's top ten fashion meets art moments

The British accessories fashion designer Lulu Guinness shares her top ten moments where the worlds of art and fashion collide

Blog Eight blue moments in art history

Let’s dive into the colour blue, and what it has meant to artists over the centuries

Blog Two masters, one friendship: the story of Matisse and Picasso

Flavia Frigeri, assistant curator of our Matisse cut-outs exhibition, takes a closer look at the honest friendship and open rivalry between the two masters of modern art, Matisse and Picasso

Blog Recreating Mondrian's Paris studio at Tate Liverpool

We met with the architect Frans Postma to discover the blood, sweat and tears behind recreating the artist’s studio

Blog Tate's guide to the Liverpool Biennial 2014

From dazzle ships to Whistler, the Liverpool Biennial has taken over the city. Take a tour of the UK’s largest international contemporary art festival