Following hard on the heels of the London Design Festival and London Fashion Week, we are pleased to introduce Transforming Tate Modern’s offer to the autumn season.

Transforming Tate Modern hard hat

Transforming Tate Modern’s offer for Autumn/Winter 2010

As with all good design, these hard hats are a combination of form and function with the artistic flair one has come to expect from the Tate. Over the years I have had the (sometimes dubious) pleasure of wearing many hard hats on building sites and on that basis I can recommend these as the crème de la crème in their field. They may well become a ‘must-have’ fashion accessory, that is, once I have convinced Tate Modern’s shop manager of their commercial potential. Then again…! On a slightly more serious note, we are looking at the whole of the TTM project as an opportunity to involve artists and to be creative . So, from hard hats to hoardings and cranes to construction workers, we will be bringing creative flair to the whole project. I will update you as the projects develop and profile the artists and groups taking part. Finally, introducing our, slightly unwilling, models and key members of the TTM Project Team.

Jo Dunnett

Jo Dunnett, TTM Programme Manager

Jason Waddy

Jason Waddy, Project Manager, Gardiner & Theobald

John Millen

John Millen, Project Manager Gardiner & Theobald

Chris Watson

Chris Watson, Project Manager Gardiner & Theobald

One of them in a former life was lead singer in a well-known alternative music band. To be revealed… Wszystkiego Dobrego

PS In case you were wondering, the title of this post refers to the great Steeleye Span song All Around My Hat. Enjoy!


Phyllis Earl

I thought the exhibition was excellent. Two comments: It was very, very crowded. Good for Tate Modern; not so pleasant for viewing. It would have been more interesting to me to be able to access the two rooms with books, letters, etc. at the same time; and not having to go to the first; then view more pictures and later access the second part

Warren Swaine

"One of them in a former life was lead singer in a well-known alternative music band. To be revealed..."

You tease! ;0)