It’s not always what’s on the inside that counts and although it’s the food on our menus generally comes top of the priority list yesterday it was just nudged out of the top spot as I received delivery of our brand new menu covers!

  • Tate Modern new menu cover
    Tate Modern new menu cover

Over the last few months I have been working with the design team to come up with some new menu covers that matched the quality and style of the food in the Tate Modern restaurant.  So the brief was something smart, contemporary, cool and functional.

It’s a tough act trying to merge practicality with aesthetics; we wanted the menu equivalent of a Barbour, the land rover defender, an Eames chair, in essence we were trying to create a classic.  However after subjecting rolls of materials to some very restaurant specific tests of spilling, wiping and general abuse we finally found something to satisfy the brief.

So it’s not just the food that should tempt you along to the restaurant now, you can come and take a look at our efforts and see whether you think you’re holding the Mini Cooper of menu covers.  Trust me, the pictures don’t do them justice.