I have been an admirer of the films of the Spanish film director Pere Portabella for years.

Pere Portabella 'Vampir Cuadecuc' 1970
Pere Portabella Vampir Cuadecuc 1970

So it is a real pleasure to have the opportunity to see a season of his work screened at Tate Modern alongside the Joan Miró exhibition. Disregarding their age difference they were friends and collaborators from the late 1960s onwards. Portabella documented Miró at the opening of his exhibition Miró Otro (literally ‘the other Miró’) in the spring of 1969, which challenged the standard way in which the artist had been seen.

The film, which took the name of the exhibition, also captured Miró painting the windows of the Association of Architects in Barcelona, where the exhibition was held, and, importantly, scrapping off the painting at the end of the show. More than forty years later it still seems very immediate and alive, and I am looking forward to discussing this and other films with Pere Portabella and Mark Nash in a public event on 29 June.  Please join us if you can.



I aspire to Spain, I'm trying to learn Spain pragmatic rosetta-stone-discount, I to Spain was interested in history. At the same time I also studied Russian and Portugal languages. I find that learning a language is not that difficult.


the mind is different to the brain ( both interactive systems and hopelessly understood /defined ) if you didn't have your brain with you then you would not have been able to walk or see what you were looking at.. 'otherworld' ? "gods"? The Id of course and the interminably varied road to Oedipal resolution was,mind you,what made Duchamp say oh sod it I'm off to play chess !


"and was struck throughout by his portrayal of the unconscious" How can you portray the subconcious when we don't know what it's like? Do you have experience of the subconcious that we don't or is this just your fantasy? This is everywhere in the artworld - fantasy portrayed as insight! It's so transparent that I can't believe people are still getting away with it


I visited the miro exhibition on sat 14th and was struck throughout by his portrayal of the unconscious. His otherworldliness is immense. It hits into the stomach and heart like a sledgehammer and for once , thank the gods, leaves the brain alone.