Tate Modern Turbine Hall
Tate Modern Turbine Hall

This weekend (10 & 11 April 2010) we’re inviting you to come clean and declare your secret Tate stories for our film to mark 10 years of Tate Modern. You’ll be able to share your personal anecdotes in a private “confession box “ on the Level 2 bridge over the Turbine Hall. Whether you’ve had a creative epiphany in the Turbine Hall, have seen every Unilever Series commission, met the love of your life by Mark Rothko’s: The Seagram Murals or just love coming to Tate Modern for the view of the city, this is your chance to share your story! The best confessions will be included in a film which will be screened at Tate Modern during the anniversary weekend. If you can’t get to Tate Modern this weekend, you can leave your confession here in the comments - though it’s not quite so private! Here are some starter questions to get you thinking.

  1. Were you there on Tate Modern’s opening day? We’d love to hear from the first people through the doors on the 12th May 2000.
  2. Did you join the Flash Mob that took over the Turbine Hall in 2007? Were you there - as part of the mob or a innocent bystander? If you’ve got video of this (or any other interesting events at Tate Modern), you can upload it to Youtube tagged tate modern 10 and we’ll add it to our playlist.
  3. Did you stay up all night to see Matisse Picasso in August 2002? Tell us what it was like to be there in the wee small hours.
  4. Were you at Andy Warhol’s overnight Sleep screening over the 2007 Long Weekend?
  5. Did you come to “Pop Life ” in 2009 and buy something from Keith Haring’s Pop Shop? Did you meet Gilbert & George at their “Major Exhibition” in 2007? Tell us your reaction to these exhibitions, or your favourite show from the last ten years.
  6. Have you had an epiphany in the Rothko room? Share your emotional and spiritual experiences of the Seagram Murals or any other works that you love spending time with.
  7. Did you lose something in Doris Salcedo’s Shibboleth? We’re collecting together all your stories and memories of things the crack might have swallowed up.
  8. Do you know some one who shares Tate Modern’s birthday? We’d love to hear from someone also celebrating their 10th birthday on 12 May 2010.
  9. Have you met one of your heroes at Tate Modern? Artists, musicians, writers, curators, actors, politicians - we’d like to hear who you’ve been rubbing shoulders with in the displays.

The booth will be at: Tate Modern, Bankside SE1 Level 2 bridge over the Turbine Hall 10 & 11 April 2010 10.00am - 18.00pm



Being a member of Tate - visiting the gallery before it was finished. Feeling how raw it was - full of potential. The opening. The opening of the Millenium Bridge. Swarms of people everywhere - so hot and full of energy. London at its best! Frida Kahlo - amazing. And Rothko, be still my beating heart! The murals so stunning, never fail to satisfy or bring me close to tears. Warhol - always a pleasure and Tate does it so well. Kapoor - inspirational. Hoping many more memories will be made in the next 10years. Happy Birthday TM!


ps This is meant as a comment on Tate Modern "Memories"


My recollections of the Tate Modern over the last 10 years are as follows -(though not sure about the dates); coming to the talks. I really enjoyed the Mori el Merma (Catalan?) performance-in a kind of boxing ring. I loved the costumes and effects. I had seen a production of Mori el Merma before. I loved the huge spider sculpture, the sculptures of Elizabeth Leipovitsch (probably got her name wrong!). Her rooms. I have taken photos of many, including the white cubes (was that Eleanor Jane?). I couldn't see the point of the large crack on the floor of the Turbine Hall. There are so many things I have seen at the Tate Modern. I enjoy visiting. I belong to the Communities set. You may like to show one of my works?

Ann-Marie Kuczun

We discovered the Heywood Gallery......visited every other year from Boulder, Colorado and then the book stalls........walking along the river, a romantic time.....yet hoped for more.....the mini Statue of Liberty wasn't enough.....NOT UNTIL THE TATE MODERN.......wow..........this developed along with the technology building the whole Bankside.....otherwise WHY would we endured the bus ride, (the bridge view was spectacular at night) the construction hassles were NOT tho continued to visit over and over....certainly wasn't for the Millinium Bridge....it is the TATE that has the most innovative and spectacular views regarding exhibits and viewpoint. Thank you.


I was once inspired to devote an hour in Tate Modern to sniffing members of the public (and staff) in discreet surreptitious fly-bys, to sample and enjoy all the perfumes and aromas. For some reason my sense of smell wanted attention that day and I decided to just ignore all the beautiful paintings!