I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Coffee cups, lights, tea pots are flying past my nose at high speed. No, I haven’t jumped down a hole after a white rabbit who is late for a very important date. I have been subject to the effects of the Millbank project.

Cornelia Parker, 'Object That Fell off the White Cliffs of Dover' 1992
Cornelia Parker
Object That Fell off the White Cliffs of Dover 1992
Crushed silver plate teapot
displayed: 120 x 225 x 200 mm
Purchased 1998© Cornelia Parker

Our café at Tate Britain is relocating upstairs bringing a whole host of decisions: from which coffee cups we would like to use to which particular pantone we would like the font on the wall to be (most of which are so close to each other that I am increasingly worried about the state of my eyesight, as I can’t seem to identify the differences between them anymore). Coffee carts must be ordered, staff must be organised, to flower or not to flower must be decided. I have become an increasingly large fan of the list and the incredible thrill that I get when crossing things off it.

So far I am proud to say that I have confirmed delivery of the coffee machines, grinders, we have coffee cups, we have staff and we have a menu. I have had time to stop running around and taken a minute to look forward to the opening of our new café space. Now in the final stages I can reveal that we will be opening the doors on 30th April and with big thanks to the construction team for the removal of vast amounts of soundproofing, it has a lovely view of the garden on John Islip Street.

It should provide the perfect spot to enjoy some lunch after Picasso or just to park yourself for a cup of our custom-blend coffee. Although the next time you find yourself using a salt shaker or picking up a spoon just think, someone probably chose that …just for you.


Sound fantastic! Looking forward to stopping by for Picasso and a pastry on the 30th. RM.