At the end of an action-packed working week here’s just a few of the funny, inspiring and engaging (sorry, see below) comments you sent to us on our blog, Twitter and Facebook page.

Thanks everyone who left us a comment and came to visit us, online and in the gallery, this week!

Robert Braithwaite Martineau, 'Kit's Writing Lesson' 1852
Robert Braithwaite Martineau
Kit's Writing Lesson 1852
Oil on canvas
support: 521 x 705 mm
frame: 736 x 910 x 88 mm
Presented by Mrs Phyllis Tillyard 1955

On Thursday we celebrated World Poetry Day. Emma in Tate Publishing wrote a blog post on why William Blake is her hero and we asked you what his Songs of Innocence and Experience means to you: 

Nancy Quilliam 
It reminds me of being 13, and trying to copy the image in colouring pencils in an uninspiring English lesson… Blake’s drawings alongside his writing opened up poetry for me :)

Carol McIntyre 
Love Blake - made a pilgrimage to the Tate to see ‘Teach These Souls To Fly

Mike Casdi 
I still remember my mother reciting this to me when I was four or five years old. It took me about fifty years to re-discover it. And I recognised it at once.

We also asked you to send us your art inspired haikus:

#WorldPoetryDay #HappySpring 

Could be just a sketch, 
but the traces of movement 
Blossom over time


This is my haiku 
Set in Helvetia Neue 
Don’t use Comic Sans

You visited Lichtenstein: A Retrospective at Tate Modern:

Off to the @Tate Modern to see the #RoyLichtenstein exhibition. Been waiting for a month to go #excited is an understatement

@Tate #lichtenstein. My second visit, won’t be my last. Makes me smile, love the Chinese pictures

The exhibition was wonderful, thank you. What made it ever better was that I was proposed to by the ‘The Engagement’ piece! There was quite a crowd! I’m so delighted, it was the best day ever and the Tate Modern, the exhibition and that painting will always be very special to us both. Thank you for such wonderful memories.

You came to Tate Britain to see Schwitters in Britain:

In other news, turns out #Schwitters @Tate is pretty special- particularly collages in 1st 2 rooms. Go see!

At @Tate Brit for #Schwitters. Lovely, melancholy, informative. Had no knowledge of amazing #PhantomRide & #LookingattheView - both excellent

Charles Atlas with Cecilia Bengolea and François Chaignaud, The Tanks at Tate Modern, March 2013
Charles Atlas with Cecilia Bengolea and François Chaignaud, installation at The Tanks at Tate Modern, March 2013

…And you saw reheasrals and live performance by Charles Atlas with dancer and choreographer duo Cecilia Bengolea and François Chaignaud in the Tanks at Tate Modern.

watching Charles Atlas & collaborators’ incredibly photogenic open rehearsal…Choreography of bodies, cameras, gaze. So wish I was working on this. @Tate_Live

Saw Charles Atlas’s latest piece tonight at the Tate, stunning work visually and technically on all parts

Last night’s Charles Atlas performance at TATE was an inspiration. Go see! 

Keep your creative comments and stories coming and we look forward to hearing from you next week!