In keeping with the experimental and participatory flavour of The Tanks: Fifteen Weeks of Art in Action, the Families and Early Years team within Tate London Learning have been working closely with artists on two free Tanks events.  The first of these, Sound and Performance, took place on Sunday 2 September, the second event Film and Action takes place on Sunday 28 October, 11.00–17.00.

Sound and Performance presented a range of participatory installations and performances, activated and shaped by participants. Responding to the raw circular Tank, the event was structured as a hive; industrious with fictional, imaginative and absurd activities circulating throughout. Creations evolved and re-configured throughout the day in response to the engagement they evoked from visitors of all ages who intervened, enacted, recreated and played; deepening experiences and understandings of sound and performance art practices. 

Events for families in The Tanks

On 28 October Film and Action will invite visitors of all ages to engage with elements of moving image through physical, sensory and experiential exploration. This event will also celebrate participatory film projects by presenting a programme of moving image created by families and young people working with arts organisations across London including, South London Gallery, The Show Room, Studio Voltaire and Chisenhale Gallery. 

So all those of any age who wish to explore and celebrate moving image,  or just absorb the atmosphere of Film and Action are welcome to come along and enjoy.

Events for families in The Tanks Image 2

These events are part of a comprehensive and far reaching programme of events, workshops, resources and projects developed by Tate London’s Early Years and Families team. As with the whole early years and families programme, the Tanks events aim to provoke wonder, speculation, questioning, improvisation and play through art practice. To enable this to happen, Susan Sheddan, Convenor for Families and Early Years and her team work closely with contemporary and interdisciplinary artists, early years and family learning experts, and participants of all ages.