Grayson Perry Scarf

Growing up in London, I was lucky enough to visit some of the world’s top galleries and museums from a very young age. While my small self may not have had the same appreciation for art and artefacts that I have now, one part of a museum outing that I definitely did enjoy from an early age was the shop. So perhaps it’s not too surprising that when I came to finding a job after I graduated Tate Enterprises was at the top of my wish list…

My name is Steph Fox and I work for Tate Online Shop.

Whether I was paying for postcards with my pocket money - my all time favourite postcard being Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘Interior with Waterlilies’ which I purchased three times on three different school trips to Tate Modern - or more recently splurging on a gorgeous Grayson Perry scarf after months of admiring it from afar, a trip to the gallery shop has always been a highlight of my day’s out at Tate. Now I’m lucky enough to see the behind the scenes process of how a picture becomes a product, and how a great idea makes it onto the shop floor (or online shop!). Over the next few months I’ll be taking you on a tour of Tate Enterprises, and introducing you to some of the people who make it all happen.