Did you make it to the last Late at Tate? In case you missed it, Charlie and Becky from Tate Collective recap on a night of music, clothes swapping and eye-popping fashion

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  • The Best City Fashion tour of Tate Britain

    The Best City Fashion tour of Tate Britain at our recent Late at Tate event

    Richard Eaton

  • Visitor are treated to a Nailwrap

    Visitor are treated to a Nailwrap at Late at Tate Britain

    Matt Jennings

  • Music from Fabric has the floor full at Tate Britain

    Music from Fabric has the floor full at Tate Britain

    Richard Eaton

  • Time and Influence Fashion Show

    Crowds parted to watch the Time and Influence Fashion Show itself created by young people from across London

    Richard Eaton

Good morrow, Ladies and gents. My name is Charlie and I am a member of Tate Collective and have been since 2007 (makes me feel so old). Although I’ve helped plan lots of the events, this is the first ever time I haven’t been working on the night for them (due to medical blah blahness). So for the first time, I was a spectator in this Tate palooza.

Hi I’m Becky!  I’m an indecisive member of Tate Collective and I’ve helped out at various events but never actually planned any of them. I was intrigued to see the fashtastic spectacle that was Late at Tate Britain.

PS. We are sisters!

The latest event put together by us TCs is the Late at Tate Britain: Chronology event in conjunction with University of the Arts London. It was a super packed evening with music from fabric, a fashion show, nailwraps, round table discussion, swap shop with Superswish and an alternative tour courtesy of Best City Fashion.

When we were planning this event, we wanted to create something varied that would satisfy the intellects, the fashion crazy, the arty ones and the people who came off the street thinking, “now what’s this all about?” And I think we well and truly accomplished it all.

The Time and Influence Fashion Show itself created by young people acrossLondon in conjunction withUniversity ofArts London was definitely an interesting, alternative feast for the eyes. This for me (Charlie) was the first fashion show I have ever been to and it was crazy. There were so many people crowding around the seats, even the dedicated fashionistas were sitting on the cold concrete floor carrying on the runway. We, however, decided to slum it at the press end at the very top of the runway (I know what a chore!)

The show began and their expressive take on future trends captivated us. From 3D sculptures adorning the necks of the models, to garments made with special care, it was certainly an eye opener. The exhibits were definitely abstract and showed fully the creative flare of these young people. It was clear that they really enjoyed their work and this was reflected in the audience’s positive reaction. And it makes you wonder, what really is the future of fashion?

For me (Becky) the best part was the Best City Fashion tour of Tate Britain. I have to make a confession – I get bored! Ok, so it’s not a major revelation, but it’s good to share things especially with friends. But Best City Fashion is pure genius when it comes to predicting trends. Fruit will definitely be the new ‘it’ accessory next season, apparently. Although we may not be rocking these predictions, it’s always good to keep an open mind…

This is the first Tate fashion event I’ve been to or helped plan, but if it’s anything like Friday night I don’t think it will be the last!

Charlie & Becky, Tate Collective