It’s just dawned on me that we begin installing Gauguin: Maker of Myth in precisely four weeks time. I know, I know, it should be obvious, right? The exhibition opens on 30 September, after all. But even though I’ve worked on many exhibitions at Tate, there’s always a moment when the penny finally drops, and you realise that the project - many years in the making - is actually going to happen.  In the next month or so, shipments of art from around the world, from Chicago to Hong Kong (and many places in between), will start arriving at the gallery. We’ve got about 150 works of art in the exhibition, 63 paintings, 18 sculptures, carvings and ceramics, 69 letters, watercolours, drawings and prints, one paint box, one walking cane and, of course, a pair of clogs.  And then there’s all the documentary material in the ‘life and times’ gallery, including photographs of many of the places that Gauguin visited and important events during his lifetime, my favourite being the 1889 Universal Exhibition in Paris for which the world-famous Eiffel Tower was built. Have you ever wondered how an exhibition comes together? To be perfectly honest, I’m not sure I ever gave it much thought before I started working in museums and art galleries. And even now the whole thing seems to me to be nothing short of a miracle. Over the next few weeks I’ll introduce some of the key characters in exhibition making, a ‘who’s who’ of who does what and why…beginning with that most elusive and mysterious of creatures…’the curator’… 


Jane P

Christine, I am very much looking forward to this exhibition. Gaugin's work is fscinating and he was a 'larger than life' character. We have a house in Brittany not far from Pont Aven so I am particularly interested in his work there. Jane


Christine, I enjoyed reading your mail and the blog. Your enthusiasm and openness drew me in. Knowing you are interested in our views is most refreshing. Also it's good to have prior knowledge of the exhibition to build up excitement to the opening on September 30th. Well done Christine and thank you. Ken


Great idea, your email and blog have encouraged me to think that the forthcoming exhibition is one that I really should not miss - keep us posted and good luck A


Sounds great - I hope you'll have time to blog your way down the list to include everyone involved. I look forward to seing a Curator's definition of a Curator! Good luck. LD

Chelle Herron


I am really looking forward to reading your blogs over the next few weeks...will make the lead up to the exhibition more exciting and I'm sure will also bring it more alive. Enjoy pulling everything together :-)



Thank you Christine, your blog is so very enlightening. I think it would be a great idea to show Paul's blog, shouldn't be too difficult to cobble one together and maybe get other visitors to add to it. Thank you for curating this splendid event... I look forward to seeing the exhibition. All the best wishes... Jon

All the best wi

Ciara McCormac

Sounds amazing! What a great project to work on. i look forward to following the blog over the next few weeks,

All the best with it, and I hope to make it over to UK to see it face to face!


Trevor Gill

Great post, Christine - hope you will write more and keep us posted as the opening day gets closer. Good luck with it - very much look forward to seeing the exhibition. Trevor.

irene winkel

Dear Christine, I am looking forward to see the upcoming Gauguin exhibit. Personally for many years been interested in his work and also life and have been able to attend several exhibits of his work one in New York many years ago and in Amsterdam where also Van Gogh's work was exhibited. I am currently living and teaching the IB Art Programme in an International School in London and will book tickets for my art students as this is an event that can't be missed. I am sure this exhibit will be a success. What an amazing job you have. Good luck. Irene

joel cahen


Good Luck with Gauguin, I hope you mention his Friend Meijer de Haan and you have his name correct, but I am sure you saw the M de Haan show in Quimper, if you need any more information on him check Le Figaro of 14 July 2010 or mail