Gabriel has often told me about his fascination with speed and racing, and how as a child he thought that if one could make cars thinner - any car that is - then they would automatically go faster like a race car, by dint of looking more aerodynamic.

Gabriel Orozco La DS car
Gabriel Orozco's special car, La DS 1993

Luckily for us, he has turned this fantasy into reality with one of his works called La DS -  a classic Citroen. He did it by removing the central third of the car, and then perfectly joining the remaining two parts to create a new streamline version.

When I first saw this work you were allowed to climb inside. And being in that compressed space evoked this feeling of speed that Gabriel talks about. Now, sadly you can only look at the car, but it is still a remarkable work, even for non-car enthusiasts. What do you think?


deirdre mcardle

all car enthusiasts are idiots . For USA,for example to run electric cars, which we must to save the planet, THIRTEEN times the amount of electricity used there would be needed ! If people (men?) want to be enthusiastic about something then........


I like this car. It make me think. Murals in the world... (from Brazil)


The good thing about this is that he did it! And he did it well! That's art


Do you feel better now you have got that off your chest?


Why do environmentalists have to bring the green issue into everything? This is a sculptural concept, from an artist with a brilliant imagination who thinks outside the box. Get off your soapbox and enjoy the escapism from reality.

Deirdre Threadgold

Love the car, it looks as though it has a face of a fish with four eyes, some strange fish creature you might find on the moon with wheels! Thank goodness for the Tate! Dying to see the exhibition.

deirdre mcardle



I'm glad that others make the connection with fish, many of which evolved laterally compressed for many reasons, one being to reduce resistance so that forward movement is more energy-efficient. An environmentalist should approve of this aspect of such a car, though more fundamental questions remain about the necessity or desire for speed and the proper use of fossil fuels. (Do we ban the use of candles in religious ceremony on account of their poor energy efficiency and carbon footprint?)I believe that the work enables us to see the absurdity in the desire (for speed, and by extension any other potency). We are only momentarily seduced by the crude streamlining, since even a child would realise that reducing the width of the car has practical limits (there is no room left for the engine.. the driver) and it is therefor futile. Even so the aesthetic carries the notion of speed even as it dwindles to a cipher. The elegance of this piece of work is that a simple notion, with admirable delicacy of humour draws us into consideration of deep and complex issues.

deirdre mcardle

'sculptural concept'is oxymoron.

Tony Stacey

When the Citroen DS was launched it was exhibited wheel-less and vertical. Too obviously & lazily interpeted as a futuristic spaceship/car, I'm sure Flaminio Bertoni - it's creator - intended it it to be seen as a sculptural entity in it's own right. This 'sculpture' can be seen at the Le Mans motor museum - how I'd love to see these side by side..

Jim Lush

Great centrepiece to the exhibition. I thought it was a real car.It should be .It's great. I loved it. It showed humour, ingenuity and insight. Gabriel man you are rockin'!!

Sattva Leevhi Brown

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