Gabriel Orozco's photographs tend to fall into two types.

Gabriel Orozco Crazy Tourist
Gabriel Orozco's Crazy Tourist 1991

There are those that document one of his actions in the landscape and act as a memory of an ephemeral sculpture. For example - the photo above he took in Brazil shows oranges that he placed on market tables. It is called ‘Crazy Tourist’ - the name given to him by the locals who watched him set up the scene. And there are those photographs that capture something encountered in nature that appears to be a naturally forming sculpture, as in the photo of a puddle of water that has formed in a collapsed football.

Gabriel Orozco Simons Island
Not a boiled egg: Orozco's photograph of his pregnant wife Maria in the bath; Simon's Island 2005

One of my favourites - ‘Simon’s Island’ - is often mistaken for an image of an egg in water. In fact, it is a photo of Gabriel’s wife Maria when she was pregnant in the bath. Simon is the name of their son.


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