Sadly Gabriel's exhibition comes to an end next week. We are delighted that it has attracted so many thousands of visitors.

Gabriel Orozco and Jessica Morgan
Jessica Morgan, Daskalopoulos Curator, International Art, Tate Modern with Gabriel Orozco

I have to confess that I started the process of writing the Orozco blog with a little trepidation (I had never read a blog before this, let alone written one). But the experience of hearing your thoughts and observations - both from visitors to the show as well as online - has been a great pleasure, and I want to thank all those who have read and commented. It has been interesting to know what you liked.

I know, for example, that some of you enjoyed Obituaries, the work with the headlines taken from newspaper obituaries. Some of you questioned whether Empty Shoe Box was art. And then there were some of you who asked: where is the whale? When you work for a large institution it can sometimes be difficult to get an impression of those who visit and what their views are, but I’ve found it fascinating to hear an ongoing response to the work of Orozco and to the exhibition itself.



I have very much enjoyed reading this blog! Thank you for sharing your reflections on Orozco's work.

Claudia Forbes


I visited the Orozco exhib on Saturday, I tried to avoid as much press and visitors' opinion asmuch as possible as I believed this particuar artist aspires to change your perseption through the reinterpretation of objects, material's usage etc. It was bizzarely easy to view and absorb at first but throughout the journey I found thr pieces on display and order in which they were presented allowed the viewer to organically gain greater insight. I think you have achieved an equally accessible and thought provoking journey for the viewer into the world of Orozco. I am egar to learn more and yet I feel as through my insight into art has altered- I even revisited some art in the flux and transformation gallery and felt I viewed these through a new lense. Many thanks for your allowing us all the opportunity to learn in an new insightful and liberating way.

Olen Endresen

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