This week Gabriel arrived in London and we started installing the works at Tate Modern for the exhibition. By coincidence many of the first works up have a connection to games - a common theme in Gabriel’s work - so the galleries have a light-hearted mood.

Gabriel Orozco Carambole with Pendulum at Tate
Orozco's games: Gabriel Orozco's Carambole with Pendulum 1996

One piece, Carambole with a Pendulum is an oval-shaped billiard table with no pockets, but most unusual of all is that the red ball is suspended (like a pendulum) from the ceiling on a thin line. To play this game you have to hit the red ball in such a way that it will swing back and collide with one of the two white balls on the table. It’s not easy and the rules are basically for you to establish.

Gabriel Orozco Another Yellow Schwalbe
Looking for a partner: Gabriel Orozco's Until You Find Another Yellow Schwalbe 1995

Another game-based piece from the Tate collection that we have just installed is Until You Find Another Yellow Schwalbe a multi-part photo piece that he made in Berlin for which Gabriel took a picture of his yellow Schwalbe motorcycle next to another one of the same colour every time he encountered one. Treating the city like a giant playing field he used the find-and-seek game to get to know Berlin. You’ll be able to see these great works when the show opens next week…



WHAT IS INFLUENCE? And how do you determine that the influence is transcendent? Would that be ...Who has made the biggest change? or who has caused the other artist to work his or her way? Who has attracted more public?

For me the highest piece of work I know is the drawing of KABALAH, do you know it? It is no commercially published and may not even considered art in occident, but that drawing has more secrets undeveloped that alll contemporary and classical art together.

But we happen to not understand it yet.

I think human beens still buy circus in steed of wisdom product of knowledge.

We still love artefact's with very low level of technology just because they look good even if they pollute the world.

I think the most influential artist that human been has had is the one who cut history in two parts, and I'm not talking in a religious matter, He did the must wonderfull transformation of mater in to light, but yea that is not art thats miracles RIGHT?

We still look as trash like art... GIVE ME A BREAK. EVEN IF WE PAINT OR DECORATE OBJECTS Artist (Handicraftsmen) of all times, haven't learn the real art of creating or transforming mater by mind.

I think all the development that has been made for common man until now, is just the establishment of bases for transformation.

Even if you hang a plane in your best museum and make you change your mind still POLLUTES!!! Now is polluting sight!!!

LETS START TO TRANSFORM, Nobody has done it since the MASTER WAS HERE!

Strand Boord

I find fascinating the views of curator Ms Norman. Even the most simple things can become extraordinary. But then, that's a curator talent isn't it?

ana drummond

Art when it is good will always stand outside religious fanatisism. To be affective it should always declare its humanity and to be human is to fail and succeed at the same time. Dont trouble yourself with ideas of pollution or the 'real' This is quite clearly your own personal preoccupation.. If it's the Kaballah you need then go to it. People can transform in the most mundane situations and whilst witnessing something seemingly innocuous. Just aim to create enough space in order for them to do it. Peace

domenico olivero

thinking twice you think back to the unit