Gary Hume will be answering questions about his work on show at Tate Britain 5 June – 1 September 2013

Happy sunny Thursday all - and what perfect a day for Gary Hume’s joyful colours to shine at Tate Britain!

Yesterday, after his painted pink doors swang open to his new show of paintings, Gary nipped over to our offices to take part in a Twitter Q&A with you all. We invited you to Tweet your questions @Tate using #Hume - and boy did you! 

Gary Hume Twitter Q&A Screen shot 2013
A snapshot of our Twitter Q&A with Gary Hume #Hume

Your questions ranged from hobbies to the future of painting, and Gary’s answers ranged from wine gums to Muhammad Ali… So a huge thank you to those who took part - here’s five things we learned about Gary from you:

1. He decided to become an artist because he was unemployed (@Katemate138)

2. He’s currently reading Please Kill Me: An Oral History of Punk (@ArtfulbloggerUK)

3. His earliest inspiration was Muhammad Ali, after seeing him on Michael Parkinson (@doctorwhogeek17)

4. He takes his colour inspiration from everything from wine gums to litter, as well as other painters (@smashbangdollop)

5. “Americans don’t see a snowman when there’s only two balls.” Who knew? Gary accordingly added a three-ball snowman sculpture to his series of two-ball ones (in answer to a question from Facebook)

Click here to read the whole Q&A on Storify - and if you see the show, we’d love to know what you think here or on Twitter, @Tate #Hume.

What you’re saying about the Q&A on Twitter

@Sarah Graham That was a great way to use twitter! Looking forward to seeing the show

@SpitsMusic That was a really interesting discussion. What a great way to bridge that gap between artist and audience. Success! 

@Kattiatv thanks. Great questions & answers with #Hume. The interview on video is also great, I love #tateshots

@Nefertiti_N_L Thank you for the interesting insights, Mr #Hume! It’s time for my analog afternoon audience. It was nice ‘listening’ to you