Paul Gauguin La Perte de Pucelage
Paul Gauguin, La Perte de Pucelage

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been finishing off the ‘interpretation’ material for the Gauguin exhibition. This includes the exhibition leaflet, which everybody gets when they buy a ticket, the ‘mission statement’ for the exhibition as a whole, introductory texts for each gallery and explanatory texts for individual works of art. At Tate, we allow ourselves about ninety words to discuss a work in further detail. Here’s Gauguin’s ‘La perte de pucelage’, one of his most mysterious and complex paintings. Remembering that the subtitle to our exhibition is ‘Maker of Myth’, do you fancy writing a ninety-word caption for this painting? If so, send it in…and on Friday, I’ll let you know what we wrote…


Julian Luna

Colour explosion extravaganza in contrast to the simplicity of the pale and quiet nakedness of a woman.

ada hoare

this is where i need to be right here, right now within my nature without my usual face within God's nature away from man's limited space i fear no one when i'm here, and yet... i,m not alone, around me, is the silence of a thousand creatures with souls, like the one I own. listening to the twilight or the dawn I'm one of them ,right here, right now Just for this moment, not for too long... soon to go back to where i am supposed to belong....


if we're quick and run up the hill with some spades we can cut a chalk outline around her and the dog. should have people talking for years.

Kellan Steck-Refoy

Surreal colours and bold outlines accompany the symbols and allusions that create a narrative for 'La Perte de Pucelage'.The fox , post coital perhaps, is often associated as a symbol of the devil tempting man- the logo and mount of Ganesh, first son of Shiva was a mouse which scholars say represents the aspect of the divine within,is lifeless in the womans hand. This is all being witnessed or judged by a Breton wedding procession.Is this a commentary on the superstitious intensity of faith and its consequences or a mysogynist gesture?

Debra Mulholland

I don't care if bestiality has just been made legal in Holland.. I can't go... You go, quick, catch up with the others, take the lambs with you. I have to stay for gods sake..the sacrificial party will be here any second.. I'm the only virgin left!

Stella Turner

It's a myth to think I'm a Drama Queen but I've caught your attention.


Why do you have a problem with this? 57 people have added their comments - all interesting. You are far too conservative. I think Christine is doing a great job and I'm enjoying the dialogue.



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