Today we welcomed colleagues from Google and 16 art museums from around the world to Tate Britain for the launch of the Google Art Project

Victorian Spectacle gallery at Tate Britain in Street View
Captured in summer 2009, the 'Victorian Spectacle' gallery at Tate Britain shown using indoor Street View

My name is James Davis, Online Collection Editor for Tate, and a part of my job is to explore ways we can share our artworks far and wide, and in doing so bring in new audiences. We’ve worked on this project for almost two years, sharing insight with our colleagues in other museums and helping Google find the best way to present these masterpieces online.

Close up of Chris Ofili's painting No Woman, No Cry
One of the most poignant images can be seen in this zoomed close up revealing the face of Stephen Lawrence in the tears of Chris Ofili's painting No Woman, No Cry 1998

We’re proud of our work in this project, and hope you’ll enjoy wandering around the galleries, taking a close look at many paintings, saving collections to send to friends, and enjoying videos such as this: Over the next few days we’ll bring you some behind the scenes stories about how we put all this together. In the meantime we’d love to hear what you think, and to see any collections you wanted to share from the project.



You see I thought art makes great strafes in devaluation of society. Not in evaluating society. But maybe that's me. Or not me and football, or ice hockey and nothing to do with maths xxxx. :)


Hello James and people who make this wonderful idea possible,

I was wondering if I may be of some help here. I checked out this project and there are much more to be uploaded and tagged. I am an art student studying for BA with History of Art. I am also very good in computers and internet. My passion is obviously to work in the art world. So my question is: is it possible for me to be of some help to upload projects on the website? can I volunteer for that, can I get paid for that? Please email me on

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Regards Maya


Brill idea.


Great always wanted to look around MoMA and being a struggling artist can never afford to get there!

James Davis

Hi Maya, thanks for your interest in helping us out, we share your passion! We don't have any places for internships at the moment, but if you keep a regular eye on our jobs page there may be something that interests you. Good luck with your studies, James


I love the project! I can not wait until more works are available!

Lindsay McNeil

i am doing some research.. Are there any Chris Ofili shows going on now in London?




Hi James

Thanks for your reply. Well, I have noticed that my email address with my request is now shown in google searches. How could that be? Thanks M