Let me introduce myself; I'm Joseph and I work as Assistant Curator with the Public Programmes team at Tate. We want you to take part in an amazing opportunity to explore the possibilities of real change and transformation through ideas in art, thought, technology and more as part of our series of BMW Tate Live Thought Workshops

Quarantine Coming and Going 2008
Coming and Going

We’re interested in hearing what you want to change - and no subject is off-limits. From Summer 2013 to Spring 2014, we are giving 30 participants the chance to form their own ‘thought community’ with us, each other and our creative partners Quarantine. We will meet up four times throughout the project, but what we do will be shaped by you as much as us through regular contact online using blogs, email, photos and anything else we can think of.

Maybe what you want to change is something specific and personal? Or it might be social, political, economic – perhaps global. We know some of the things we set out to change will be impossible and what we can or can’t achieve doesn’t really matter. What happens along the way will be the most interesting and rewarding part, and who knows what actual change might happen as a result.  

Quarantine Make Believe 2009
Make Believe 2009

In these workshops together we will explore each participant’s ideas, bringing into the mix expert and provocative voices. Each workshop will take a different form in response to the group and the changes being proposed – they might, for example, involve journeys or visits or lectures or eating together – and we hope that the group will inform, challenge and support one another, both in the workshops and in-between. We want to put together a group full of diverse ways of thinking and seeing the world. It genuinely is open to anybody and everybody – and all kinds of ideas.

If you are interested in participating, simply reply to the questions below. We invite you to respond in the format that you think best suits you and your idea for change. It could be a written text (maximum 400 words), link to a video clip (maximum 2 minutes), photo selection or other.


Who are you?

What do you want to change?

What can we learn from you?

What stops you?

Where did you hear about this project?

Please email your application to thoughtworkshops@tate.org.uk

The application deadline is 17.00 on Monday 17 June 2013

It’s your time to make a change! 

Good luck,



Maybe not what we set out to change but something will along the way! Sounds like you need to apply...

Exciting! But can it really change anything? there's so much...