For the last four months I’ve been working on creating an interactive digital installation inspired by the work of Yayoi Kusama. 

The Hello Cube will open to the public on Friday 23 March and will be on the Turbine Hall Bridge at Tate Modern till 25 March. It will form the centre piece of Tate Collectives’ Infinite Kusama, an immersive day of tours, workshops and performances at Tate Modern on Saturday 24 March.

The Hello Cube was designed and made by the digital design duo, Hellicar & Lewis who worked in collaboration with young people from Tate Collectives and to create it. Inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s The Passing Winter, you peer into a small box to view a dancing display of colour, movement and light. 

Yayoi Kusama The Passing Winter 2005 © Yayo Kusama courtesy Victoria Miro Gallery, London

Yayoi Kusama
The Passing Winter

© James Deavin
Courtesy Victoria Miro Gallery, London
© Yayoi Kusama

Unlike Kusama’s work, however, The Hello Cube responds to physical movement and sound in the gallery as well as commands sent to it from Twitter.

The Hello Cube at Tate Modern

Artistis impression of Tate Collectives’ The Hello Cube at Tate Modern, by Hellicar and Lewis

If you can’t make it down to Tate Modern to interact with it directly this weekend, you can tweet commands to @thehellocube. For example, tweeting “@TheHelloCube next red sparkles” will set off a sparkling red pattern in the cube in the gallery and will also send you a twitpic of the display. Hellicar & Lewis have created a set of simple commands that will change the installation, generating over 30,000 different image variations and allowing you to create your own unique Twitpic artwork to share.

How can you interact? Let The Hello Cube tell you:

1. I know lots of scenes. Here are some to start you off: spots, drawn, texture, cells.

2. I also know actions such as slower, faster, bigger, smaller, shake, mirror and twirl. Try something different and see what happens.

3. You can choose almost any colour. Try tweeting one to me to change what you see. (Try something like @thehellocube Hello! Cells, Bigger, Red. BYE!)

5. When you have sent me your command, I will send you a Twitpic image straight back to your Twitter account, so you can share your creation with your friends.

TATE COLLECTIVES INFINITE KUSAMA project is partnership with the Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project and ReCreative UK Online.