Since Greenwich Mean Time declared it officially spring by stealing an hour of precious sleep it feels time to shelve favourite winter foods and bid adieu to warming cuddles of stews, and it’s no different here at Tate.  In all our restaurants and cafés it seems like they are plunging ahead to spring, developing bright, seasonal dishes and clogging my calendar with tasting sessions. 

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  • Spring Menu 2012 - Salmon main course
  •  Spring Menu 2012 - Pea and ricotta tortellini

For the uninitiated; a tasting session is a bit like the eating Olympics crossed with the foody X factor; all new dishes have to be tried, critiqued and developed. In short, a glutton’s dream! However behind this process of over-eating lies purpose. The victorious dishes from this long and careful process have made it onto our new Spring menus, including my favourite, “Ham, egg and chips”!

Spring Menu 2012 - Ham, egg and chips

The steadfastly traditional among you may balk at this plate of so-called “ham, egg and chips” however this clever twist on a British classic leaves nothing wanting. The crisp cornichons serve as far more than a gherkin’s understudy and complement the chunks of sweet ham hock beautifully, whilst the oozing glaze of the egg yolk is cut with crisp deep-fried potato straw. All enveloped by the hum of beautiful seasoning and the garden-fresh bite of rocket dressing.

The new menus launch this week and I’m excited to see if you enjoy the gastronomic season as much as I have been. Enjoy the new spring dishes with British beers, a crisp glass of wine or our very own coffee, sourced, blended and roasted by Tate. But more on that later…


Sounds excellent! I'm a big fan of food at the Tate, delicious