I have a confession to make. I always find myself turning to the end of newspapers to look at the horoscopes. At the moment I’m reading star-sign entries for Pisces (me) and Gemini (Gauguin). Born 7 June, Gauguin was indeed a Gemini (the Twins), along with Marilyn Monroe, Che Guevara, Clint Eastwood and Peter the Great, and shares a birthday with ‘Beau’ Brummell, Tom Jones and Prince. I was a bit disappointed that he wasn’t born an Aries (the Ram), or Taurus (the Bull), or even Capricorn (the Sea-Goat), so that I could have made some witty analogies between these creatures and Gauguin’s character, appearance and art. But then again I’m a twin, so maybe its fate. Apparently Geminis are known for their duality and changeability (right?) They’re also great communicators. And - I’m reliably informed - they’re likely to be involved in journalism. Gauguin’s father, Clovis, was a journalist (I have no idea what star sign he was) and was the editor of the republican newspaper Le National.  Gauguin too was involved in journalism, setting up his own journal Le Sourire (The Smile) in Tahiti in 1899. Cheeky and irreverent, the contents were written and illustrated by him, primarily in protest against local injustices and the colonial administration. Gauguin and journalism - a case of ‘like father, like son’?  Or maybe it was written in the stars… 



Where are your posts David? I've seen nothing from you on any of the other blogs. Or are you only able to be neagtive?

Ilene Winn-Lederer

There are so many artists who seem to illustrate their star signs through their work and/or lifestyle, Gauguin not least among them. Only thing is, the whole picture is far more complex than what interpretations of star signs offer. You might like to check out my blog this morning. Today is my birthday and I am of course, a Virgo, but with an Aries, a Leo, several Geminis and a very important Pisces in my life among others from across the ecliptic. The link is: http://wp.me/pA3ye-5F Your comments are welcome!


Che Guevara is not actually a Gemini! He is a Taurus and if you are familiar with your astrology, you will know that he ticks all the right Taurean boxes. The reason he is listed as a Gemini is because his mother had to hide is date of birth, because she had conceived him before she was married.


I thought he was Aquqriuos or Taurean as I am like him and my Mum didn't uderstand the months in the Khyber Afghanistan.

David Gray

This is drivel and you should be ashamed of yourself for giving this time an attention to the rubbish that is astrology.


Ranti, do you have Che's actual Birth date and time ? :)

And, excuse me David Gray, who is it you're addressing your uppermost well written words to ?

The Widow

Can we lighten up? This is an interesting way to get into the idea that Gauguin was a journalist. Star signs are by their nature reductive - one in twelve are Geminis after all.


Christine's attempt to get people talking about Gaugin have shown that people aren't reading the blog, just seeing one word they don't like, then getting all indignant. Where does she say she believes it? Or that it really made G the artist he was? All she has done is pick out some of the traits which are attributed to his sign that seem to fit our perception of his character. It's a means of encouraging us to discuss him and a way of introducing us to another aspect of his character - his journalism (and wouldn't it be a delicious twist to reveal that he had an horoscope column in Le Sourire? Almost as fun as if he had been an old Goat, with that beard..) Did I miss the constructive comments of these naysayers in the earlier blogs? You should be ashamed that you are giving time and attention to comment only when you think its rubbish...


You should forget about astrology and instead pay attention to Artsology!


Boom boom!

Bo Bentzen

From one Gemini to another...

Thanks for seeing Gaugin in a larger picture. If you make the right corrections in time and astrolgy you'll find that Gemini is actually Taurus. Taurus is Aries and so on..so no need to be disappointed! Best, (from a Gemini born 7.6. ;))