In the last of Mike Chaplin's films exploring how to paint with watercolour, he looks at the theme of colour.

Starting with Turner’s Scarlet Sunset c.1830, he demonstrates the best methods to use in order to paint the perfect Thames sunset.

Alison Smith is lead curator of Watercolour and Curator (Head of British Art to 1900), Tate Britain. 


de Carfort

Colours mingles your feelings ? lovely and quickly realised cause it's for today when the sun dives in the ocean just a moment. Like like life ?

Camila Lacerda

I wouldn´t use the black...

Susan M

Wanting to see one of Turners sunsets, I raced out of London - Chunneled to Paris and tubed to the Thames. Hired a boatride just before sunset. There were clouds and sun. I saw the sunset. It was magnificent. You've only about 5 minutes of brilliance and the sky cooperated that evening. My photographs didn't do them justice. Turner did the justice. He saw the sunsets as extrordinary as they are.

I could not hope to paint a sky like Turners but thankfully I can experience one. (have just begun watercolor lessons) Thank you for the Chaplin video.

Bill Stark

Colour. Layers and layers of it. The overpaint becomes as important as the underpaint.