Members of Tate Collective dropped into the University of the Arts London to check out students’ progress as they designed their first fashion range

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  • Construct Fashion Project 2014
    Construct Fashion Project, 2014
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    Construct Fashion Project, 2014

Preparations are underway for the Construct Fashion Show that will take place at Late at Tate Britain this June. The project invites students from University of the Arts London’s widening participation programme to design a fashion range in response to Phyllida Barlow’s dock, currently on display in the Duveens at Tate Britain. It was clear from the students we met that this project had forced them to think about the parallels between art and fashion. 

‘This project has helped break down my own preconceptions of what fashion is’   – student, Construct Fashion Project. 

Many of the students believe that fashion and art go hand in hand; that art is an expression of culture and that fashion is a part of culture that can’t be ignored. 

Fashion is something we all take part in, consciously or not, day in day out. The choices we make about our clothes can say a lot about who we are; from the way we style them to the colours we choose, our clothes speak in a language that gives context and reference to our character.

Materiality and form are words that spring to mind when looking at dock. One student explained how they liked Barlow’s use of layering every day materials together, and how this now correlates to the pleating in her garment design.

It was clear from their designs the great impact Barlow’s work has had on them, from the range of texture, colour and use of materials used.

‘I realised my work doesn’t have to be perfect or pretty. It can be traditionally ugly but still beautiful’   – student, Construct Fashion Project. 

The Construct Fashion Show will take place at 19.00 and 20.30 at Late at Tate Britain.