Hey we’re Jess & Verity from Tate Collective; you can make up a nickname like PJ and Duncan for us of you really like… but right now we have something, much more important to talk to you about! Following on from the last Tate Collective post, we’re going to give you a little taster of what’s to come on the first day of Hyperlink on Friday 26 April 2013 (which turns out to be Jess’ birthday - grand old granny age of 25!)

Tate Collective group photo on the stairs at Tate Britain Clore Entrance
Tate Collective on the stairs of Tate Britain Clore Entrance

For all of you teachers, youth workers and community leaders out there, Friday is going to be a day of FREE interactive and fun creative artist-led workshops for groups of young people aged 13-19. There are six different workshops taking place at the same time (Architecture, Photography, Fashion, Illustration, Graphic design, 3D Design) at either 10.00—12.00 or 13.00—15.00 with up to 20 young people in each workshop. Email shan.rixon@tate.org.uk for bookings. Deadline Friday 19 April 18.00 on the dot! As you’re probably dying to find out what you can get up to on this wonderful day of Jess’ birth, here are details:

For all you illustrators, Kayleigh Doughty (street artist) is serving up iPads for you to scribble on, with drawings inspired by Lichtenstein. These will be projected live on the walls of the South Tank. …Imagine, you can tell people your work has been on the walls of the Tanks at Tate!

Tate Collective #be a creator

HASH-TAG trendsetters! Join Kara Messina from Y’OH to pimp your threads by up-cycling old clothes. Use the Tate collection to inspire your painting and collage on those drab dungarees. You will BE the fashion. Culture Club are presenting a photography workshop. Explore the world from Tate and learn new composition techniques. Graphic designers get your xerox out! Matthew McGuinness wants you to explore your memories of family meal time by creating a zine style recipe book. So reminisce over your mum’s cheese souffle, or dad’s baaaa-nging shepherd pie (just don’t dribble on your work!).

We’re building up a nice picture for you here aren’t we? Speaking of building, at the architecture workshop you will be creating a performance space with Ruairi Glynn and Catrina Stewart. Bring the walls of the East Tank alive using found objects to cast massive shadows and be the puppet master. Last but not least for all you eco-warriors, the aptly named John Tree invites you to re-design an everyday object. 3D designers re-purpose, re-use, re-cyle and re-interpret your way through the day.

Remember these workshops are for schools/youth groups to book groups – email shan.rixon@tate.org.uk for full details and bookings.

Don’t forget - we are all artists. Whatever your interests try something new on Friday 26 April (if not before) and upload your work to Twitter and Instagram using #Hyperlink. We’ll keep you posted on all the opportunities to do so, at Hyperlink, here at the Tate Collective blog.


JV and fun-can, Tate Collective

P.S. Don’t forget to catch your favourite music acts to set you up for Friday night!

Vase Curate

Friday 26 April 2013, 18.30 – 21.30
Evian Christ, Jacques Green plus a special guest bring you an immersive experience to electronic and ambient sounds. Visuals under the direction of Melissa Matos.

Only Connect

Friday 26 April 2013, 18.30 – 19.30
Five Only Connect artists respond to the themes of six degrees of separation and the Tate collection.


Friday 26 April 2013, 19.30 – 21.00
Jam to Akala’s hip hop beats brought together by visuals from Tokio Aoyama. Afterwards get talking with Tate Collective about the connections between music and art.

Hyperlink young people event at Tate Modern April 2013