Gather round everyone, it’s me again, Effy! I’m back to give you the ‘deets’ on the Hyperlink programme. Hopefully you haven’t forgotten about Hyperlink (or me), hmm… Anyhow if you have I urge you to read the previous Tate Collective blogs written by myself and my fellow Tate Collective members.

Taking place from Friday 26 April – Sunday 28 April, Hyperlink has a consistently jam packed schedule, with drop-in workshops running all weekend and performances from various performers such as; the lovelies Lady Leshurr and Paigey Cakey, amazing Angel, Swagtastic Sway and many others.

Paigey Cakey

As you guys probably would’ve guessed I love talking to you and I’m sure you enjoy me too (you better do..), but for those who don’t I’ll simply sum up our Hyperlink programme:

Friday 26 April, as announced by the duo ‘JV and fun-can’, will be the start to our fun-tastic weekend! It’s not only the schools day with in depth workshops on the different aspects of the six-degrees of separation; architecture, fashion, graphic design, illustration, industrial design and photography, afterwards we have performances from Akala, Vase Curate and ‘Only Connect’.

Also remember that our We are all Artists display runs throughout the entire course of the Hyperlink Festival. So display your work using #Hyperlink at Tate Modern and also for a chance to win some goodies.

Morag Myerscough

Saturday 27 April is looking to be legen.. wait for it.. dary! We will have photography workshops led by Rankin, Aberrant Architecture leading the architecture, illustration with Morag Myerscough, graphic design with It’s Nice That and fashion workshops with Cassette Playa *breathes*. Susan Stockewell’s amazing installation Sail Away will be only display on both Saturday and Sunday (believe me you can’t miss this). There’ll be  Reprezent 107.3FM representing the radio community and performances by Raw Material, Paigey Cakey and Lady Leshurr, Angel and visuals by Funny TummyStooki x Stooki Sound, the Boxettes and finally Sway!

Cassette Playa

Sunday 28 April will be quite similar to Saturday, as we will have workshops still running with some slight variations; illustration will be run by Yemi Awosile and photography by Exactitudes. Our performers will be Raw Material, George the Poet and Sebastian Blake (who is officially the best musician ever because I said so). Also we will have a free food sample going around which I’ve helped organise (failing to remain humble here). The idea of which being a way of keeping with the theme of the ‘six degrees’, so will consist of six different foods from six different continents.

So, if anything here has managed to catch your eye save the dates, tell your friends, and tell them to save the dates too!

Hope to see you there!

Effy, Tate Collective