Emma Marks, Project Co-ordinator at Tate Catering, tells the story behind our Lowry-inspired summer ale and why good craft beer is not just for the beardy

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Following the amazing reception, in the restaurants, shop and online, given to ‘Torpedo Los’, our collaboration beer brewed with BrewDog, we set our team the task of creating something equally thirst-quenching to honour Lowry and the painting of Modern Life at Tate Britain. When not at Tate our workforce can generally be found near the source of good craft beer. With approximately 7.8 million craft beer drinkers now in the UK they are definitely not alone. Yet more proof of people’s new found passion for hops is the not one, but two beer festivals this August. The Great British Beer Festival in Olympia run by industry stalwart CAMRA as well as its renegade cousin The London Craft Beer Festival taking residence in East London. Beer is officially no longer the domain of the bearded.

Craft Beers at Level 6 Tate Modern

A selection of the craft beers available at Tate Modern

Taking our cue from the cannon of Lowry’s work we hit the M6, heading North in search of a brewing partner. In the centre of Manchester we discovered Marble. A relative newcomer to the craft beer scene, they began in 1997 and everything they produce is natural, un-pasteurised and un-fined*; all words that get our bar team very excited. Unsurprisingly we chose American hops in our Lichtenstein brew. For Lowry at Tate Britain we are proudly patriotic using Admiral, Cascade and Golding. All British hops perfectly showcased by a discreet, slightly sweet malt base of Maris Otter, Wheat and Caramalt. The result is a Summer ale filled with citrus aromas, giving way to a grassy, floral, yet bitter finish.

It’s not just what’s in the bottle that’s of note; the label features a work from the exhibition lent by owners, The Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA). Going to the Match depicting fans on their way to the now closed grounds of Burnden Park to watch Bolton Wanderers. So come along to Tate Britain and have a pint, there’s never been a better excuse.

* Describes a wine or beer where no floculant coagulants, such as egg white or isinglass, have been added to the barrel in order to remove suspended solids.