John Martin’s Underworld is an interactive story told through twitter which began on 4 November.

The story so far….

Elena Batham came to Tate Britain as part of a birthday treat, a weekend in London with her sister Sam and their friend John. At some point during Late at Tate on 4 November, something that is currently a mystery happened to Elena. She was separated from her friends, tried to get back to her hotel, but apparently never made it back there.

After an undefined amount of time, she woke up somewhere in south London. Upon walking around, she found that as far as she went in any direction, she ended up where she started. Strange noises abound. There are no buses, cars, trains or people. Players identified that she was in Lewisham.

She discovered a road which took her into a forest, where she met a man who identified himself as Cadmus. Cadmus was looking for somewhere to build Thebes, a new city. Together they slayed a dragon which was polluting and guarding the water source needed for the new city.

You can read all the posts in the story so far here. Look closely for patterns and clues. Please let us know what you think is going on, and maybe you can help Elena get home when the next part begins, next week.

Thanks particularly to star players @elenalagoudi and @sarah_fellows for their sterling work this week!