John Martin’s Underworld is an interactive story told through Twitter which began on 4 November.

Previously in John Martin’s Underworld

The story so far this week…

Elena woke up apparently still in Lewisham, but a short walk brought her out on a cliff top. A girl in a white dress was weeping and sobbing. Players on Twitter worked out that she was the water nymph Clytie, pining for the love of the Sun god, Apollo.

Despite Elena’s efforts, Clytie was turned into a plant while Elena could only watch. Exhausted by this (and the constant walking and running), Elena lay down to sleep, but not before she had time to reflect on something someone had mentioned earlier. Could she be locked in a painting?

You can read all the posts in the story so far and follow Elena’s progress on Twitter. Look closely for patterns and clues and maybe you can help Elena get home when the next part begins, next week.



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