Can’t wait for Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs to open? Wishing you could make it to London? Want to whet your appetite for colour? Get the first look and exclusive access by joining Assistant Curator Flavia Frigeri for a Twitter #TateTour on Wednesday 16 April 18:00 BST [the tour is now available to view via Storify]

  • Assistant Curator Flavia Frigeri with The Dragon, in Room 2 of Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs at Tate Modern
    Assistant Curator Flavia Frigeri with The Dragon, in Room 2 of Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs at Tate Modern

Flavia will take you room by room on a live tweet tour of the exhibition the day before it opens to the public, posting key works and themes through @Tate on Twitter. There’ll be a Q&A to follow on the hashtag #TateTour, so get your Matisse questions ready.

You can take part online by joining @Tate on Twitter and by using #TateTour to ask your questions (you’ll need a Twitter account). 

Don’t worry if you don’t use Twitter or can’t make that time though, we’ll show all the posts and questions here on the blog after the event. Flavia will also be blogging about Matisse’s studio and just how he made his iconic works throughout the run of the show. Check back here or follow @Tate on Twitter or Like Tate on Facebook to get all the Stories from the Studio as they come.

Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs is at Tate Modern from this Thursday 17 April to 5 September #Matisse

The Matisse #TateTour is now available to view via Storify


Innovative, fascinating, intricate and the list could go on. A wonderfully displayed exhibition, recreating that "walk in Matisse's garden" sensation, that surely would have made the artist himself, very proud of!

Went with my 6 year-old daughter who has now started her own version of cut-out art using the exhibition book (not household items!) as her material and guide. Fascinating and beautiful - deceptively easy on the eye but the difficulty / concentration needed is amply exhibited. Great show!

Excellent exhibition. A wonderful, once-in-a-lifetime, opportunity to see all these cutouts in one place at the same time. Also provided a good explanation of Matisse's technique and development of the technique.

The simplicity of form and material made the exhibition all the more stunning.A genuine treat. Thank you Tate for a marvellously curated show.

Fantastic exhibition. Ladies loo, however was awash & very European with loo paper overflowing the sanitary container. Not good for 11am!

This is a stunning exhibition, the audio guide was one of the most interesting that I have used. I went to the exhibition with my 11 year old son, who now has a Matisse on his wall. If I lived closer to London, I would have loved to taken my class to see the exhibition, but I will be taking the ideas and the information into the classroom and we will have a Matisse inspired art session.

Sorry to be the odd man out, but I was underwhelmed by this exhibition. Unlike the Richard Hamilton exhibition, which I liked the more I saw of it, I became more and more bored as I went round. Blue Nudes were best, but I could leave the rest I'm afraid.

What a wonderful exhibition! It's difficult to appreciate that Matisse created these cutouts because he could no longer paint - they were very much a substitute for painting , at least in the beginning. Extremely inspiring to see what can be done by a master.

One gripe - the exhibition was oppressively hot and humid (as was the shop with its suffering assistants all wilting in the heat). Is there no air conditioning at the Tate?


Loved the Matisse exhibition. The artist's purity of vision and quite naive style make it a wonderful antidote to modern life. I can understand why his works are so popular with children. I shall return!