Little Sun image (white)
Little Sun

Light illuminates – the larger idea that shines here is of ‘giving back’ some thing with aesthetic beauty as well as utilitarian function for light – the Little Sun.

A change occurs only when you are actively part of change in some small, immediate way – by the way of exchanging energy, ideas and feelings, constantly invigorating and encouraging each other to new fields of self-discovery. We are not talking about one thing when we talk about Light and Energy access; we are talking about innumerable spaces existing in a dynamic relationship.

What does it mean to be light, to feel light, to see light?
What does it entail to have a light clear mind?
What is the relation between a light- mind and action?

One big factor to consider is that, a light- mind is the subtlest level of mind that continues from one moment to the next. It is like celluloid, one frame after another. That’s what continues all the way into the end, till the credits roll. The other factor to consider is the quality of darkness. This darkness exists at all times. It is the void of the mind: it doesn’t exist in some impossible way. It lies between each blink of an eye.

For a light- mind, there is a certain type of energy that is needed to support it. Energy exists within the compounds of physical manifestations of matter. Since energy radiates, it communicates – that’s communication, that’s speech, in the most general sense. So this energy being emitted will become the instrument to communicate with everybody in an integrated way.  We will be able to help everybody as a whole, if we want.

The Little Sun serves as the untarnished illumination of the 2012 Olympic fire, a Promethean flame delivering light and heat to the situation at hand. This radiance hopes to cause such an alchemical transformation of circumstances that the changes will seem magical. Yet it is only shifts in perspective and attitude that bring clarity. The passions kindled by this fire must be harnessed and used judiciously as it represents a certain kind of human striving, of giving back, of being an agent of change.

It is a symbolic exchange between an artist and the whole world to create an interconnectedness that talks about access to a daily basic need – Light. As opposed to merely joining the dots the Little Sun insists that we must find new ones to connect. 

Natasha Medonca
Visual artist and filmmaker, Mumbai, India