Month of Magritte Event 3

Hello my name is Debbie Goldsmith and I’m the Learning Curator for the Family Programme at Tate Liverpool.  I’m part of a much bigger team but for my part I organise programmes for children and their families to explore our displays and changing exhibition programme.

We’ve just had the first brilliant and busy day of our summer programme, A Month of Magritte.

The figures in this picture are inspired by Magritte’s Golconda 1953:

Month of Magritte Event 1

Liverpool-based artist Laurence Payot has been photographing the landscapes throughout the day so you can look for your image in our Facebook gallery. Which is your favourite image from the gallery?

Living Wallpaper continues until 7 August, so there’s plenty of time to come and take part.

Next week ( 10 – 14 August) we’ll be setting up for Imaginary Faces .  Design your own surrealist landscape for your face, sure to be lots of fun and of course its up to you who you paint so make sure you bring along a willing volunteer! What’s your favourite Magritte painting and which would you use to make a great imaginary face?
Imaginary faces

Month of Magritte Event 4

Look out for us on the ground floor the week of 17 – 21 August where we’ll be getting you to look at a plastic bottle in a way you probably never have before, we’re lucky enough to be working with eco designer Michelle Brand who regularly works with the Hatworks in Stockport.

Month of Magritte Event 5

Michelle has come up with some interesting ways of making us look at plastic in a very different way, and will be helping us design wearable sculptures that we hope to see you wearing around the gallery, the Albert Dock and beyond! Please send in your images, it would be great to see them.

Our last activity for the summer and I think the one I’m most excited about is Magritte Feet.  Artist Fiona Smith will be designing and making Magritte Feet so bring an old pair of shoes or wellies that you can transform into the most surreal pair of feet you can think of! Let me know what your most surreal pair of feet would be.

Don’t forget to take a look at our facebook gallery where all the images from a month of Magritte will be uploaded for you to take a look at when you get home.

Activity photographs © Roger Sinek



This is a brilliant idea! What a great way to introduce children to the world of art. Wish I could be a participant. Have fun.


I like margrittes super impositions clearly come to life..beyond the known premise to the natural sequel of the mind...good stuff and info here. Nigel Roberts