We're pleased to announce a major new partnership and the first artistic programme created purely for live web broadcast. BMW Tate Live will be a four-year programme focused on performance and interdisciplinary art. We will launch the programme with BMW Tate Live: Performance Room, a series of artist performances created specifically to be broadcast live online.

Each performance will take place in a dedicated gallery-cum-studio space at Tate Modern, but they will be conceived specifically for the online audience (and there will be no audience physically present in the space). The performances will be filmed and streamed live online, with discussion channels open either during or after the performances, depending on the works. We’re most excited to be moving away from thinking of online streaming as a secondary way of accessing the live programme and to think about it as a primary space in which artists can present work and perform. This format will provide global, online audiences the opportunity to experience new works first-hand in the format they were devised for and also create a space for people to discuss those works directly.

There will be five commissions for BMW Tate Live: Performance Room in 2012, and the first will be by the French choreographer, Jérôme Bel in March. Bel’s work explores the relationship between performer and spectators, and the role of dance within culture, often using humour to break the formality of a traditional theatre setting

Jérôme Bel portrait
Jérôme Bel

The way each commissioned artist will use the format and the extent to which they will use the reciprocal capacities of technology in BMW Tate Live: Performance Room will be an exciting part of the experimental nature of the series. We are keen to see how artists might play with the intimacy of this space – ‘one-to-one’ with the viewer – and reflect upon how virtual communication extends our everyday habitat and our network of communications. Grafting the traditional white cube gallery to the online network, we hope this project will also extend our idea of what an exhibition space is and can be.


Kathy Heslop

How exciting. Performance sans frontiers!


Great post. I just recomended the Tate to a friend who is to visit London with his kids. You can read my article about it on www.passionforart.net Kind regards, Ellen


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"advancement through technology" viel Gleuck