Nicholas Serota, Director of Tate and co-curator of Gerhard Richter: Panorama at Tate Modern, standing in front of Richter's Cage 4 2006
Nicholas Serota, Director of Tate and co-curator of Gerhard Richter: Panorama at Tate Modern, standing in front of Richter's Cage 4 2006

Welcome to the first blog post on the Gerhard Richter: Panorama exhibition, which opens at Tate Modern on 6 October. Coinciding with the artist’s 80th birthday, and spanning almost five decades, the exhibition, curated by me and Mark Godfrey with colleagues in Berlin and Paris, aims show how Richter has continued to challenge the nature and subject matter of painting with impressive dexterity.

Gerhard Richter Reader 1994
Gerhard Richter
Reader 1994

We are delighted to be able to include many of his most remarkable paintings - around 150 out of an estimated total of 1000 - that reflect the diversity of his output, including history paintings, realist works based on photographs, abstract paintings, as well as a selection of landscapes reflecting Richter’s admiration for German Romantic painting.

Gerhard Richter 4096 Colours 1974
Gerhard Richter
4096 Colours 1974

We will also be showing, for the first time in this country, September 2005, a work made in response to 9/11.

Gerhard Richter September 2005
Gerhard Richter
September 2005

Over the coming weeks in this blog, Mark Godfrey will be taking an in-depth look at the exhibition, exploring the development of Richter’s different styles of painting, as well as talking directly to those who know Richter’s work well. You will be able to respond directly to his posts, so please do tell us what you think.


Jeff Havens

Can not wait to see this show, true inspiration to me - brilliant first blog post - thanks


Excellent. I've been looking forward to this exhibition for sometime and will follow the blog with some interest. Good to see "Reader" used above; it is one of my favourite of Richter's works.


This Show will thought provoking, his show at the Serpentine was spectacular.

Curating this show must have been difficult. The historical value of all his works are comments on so many values which lie with in Fine art and design. The research must have been extensive for this exhibition.


I'm a big fun of Richter. Looking forward to it!

Piers Masterson

I remember well the Richter show the Tate did when I was a student. Hopefully will get the twins to this one for their first Tate show.


What a great opportunity and a wonderful idea. Thank you for this inside look into Richter and the exhibition.


Iám looking forward to it!!!


I á m looking forward to it!!!

Rajita Schade

I too like all these people so looking forward to it. Will travel from India just to see this exhibition.


Artist traveling from the states just to see this show and hopefully the new documentary. Already purchased my membership to the Tate! Thanks for putting this amazing show together! So excited to see it.


I totally agree with you. You said exactly what i wanted to say.

Simon Vrebos

Really looking forward to this show. I didn't know he made a work in response to 9/11. A bit dissapointed. It's so in your face. Totally different from Luc Tuymans's Still Life (2002) which is also connected to 9/11. The latter is stronger imo.

Taeko Iino

Looking forward to the exhibit and also up-coming blogs. Travelling from Paris.

R. Brook

The entire experience of 9/11 was "so in your face". Sadly it was planned to be. Richter used his style of expression (smeared color) to abstract two geometric shapes. He's a great painter depicting history. One image in oils can't possibly disappoint those in the future.


Excellent news. Looking forward to the exhibition. Traveling from Holland.


What I love about Mr. Richter is that he isn't focused on one way of painting. It's so interesting to see the myriad views inside just one person.

James Lanigan T...

I admire his work - was just introduced to his various styles when someone compared me to him. I felt honored.


Coming down to London next week to see the Richter exhibition. Will be so glad to be walking about in the Tate once again (Norfolk is not London, but it is home for now).


I can't wait to see this exhibition!!