In a rare collision of two corners of the beverage world, Tate’s very own Hamish Anderson, head sommelier and wine buyer for the gallery’s restaurants, was invited to Copenhagen to speak at the Nordic Barista Cup.  

Tate's wine buyer Hamish Anderson in a wine cellar

Tate’s wine buyer Hamish Anderson in a wine cellar

Now you may be wondering why at a coffee conference they invited a wine expert to speak. However the two fields are inextricably linked, particularly in the areas that form the title of Hamish’s lecture “terroir vs. blending”.  

To all of those who, like me are nodding and smiling at this point as you search the corners of your brain for any recollection of the word “terroir”. Here’s a helping hand from the good old English dictionary.

Terroir (French pronunciation: [tɛʁwaʁ] from terre, “land”) is the special characteristics that the geography, geology and climate of a certain place, interacting with the plant’s genetics, expressed in agricultural products such as wine, coffee, tomatoes, heritage wheat and tea.”

Wine barrels

Wine barrels

However the dictionary doesn’t put it quite as well as Hamish who even manages a little beverage based humour in places! So put your feet up and a have a listen to what we get up to on our Tate Travels with the youtube video here.  

The next time you visit us I bet you’ll taste that cup of coffee or that glass of burgundy just a little bit differently!