When we installed the Gabriel Orozco exhibition we had planned not to have any explanatory wall texts.

Gabriel Orozco Four Bicycles
Installation view at Tate Modern: Gabriel Orozco's Four Bicycles (There is Always One Direction) 1994

A guide was made - free for all visitors -  and we thought that this would suffice. However listening to visitors comments (some on this blog) it made me realise that people were unaware of some factual information about the work that really helped in its understanding (many people read the guide after leaving the exhibition).

Gabriel Orozco Carambole with Pendulum
Gabriel Orozco's Carambole with Pendulum 1996

So after just a week we decided to put up some wall texts - very straightforward text, not interpretive, but with some fairly vital information about the making of the works. At Tate Britain they have fewer wall labels in the collection display galleries. I wonder what viewers make of this?

Jessica Morgan’s book on Gabriel Orozco is published by Tate Publishing is available from Tate shops


Boriana Mihailovska

I think he needs no text. It's very clear in meaning and message in his works.

Peter Jacobson

Enjoyed your Orozco exhibition on a recent visit to London. I look for some wall text by force of habit.. It's nice to know the date and materials used.

Bela G. T.

I was very disappointed by this exhibition, the selection of Orozco's work was very poor, to my taste, as I seen much more impressive and interesting work of his in other exhibitions, and on the net.

Regarding wall texts - if it's about explaining the work - I don't think they are necessary needed, though basic information about the piece is nice to have.

Claire Ongley

Hi Jessica,

I came and saw Orozco's work in the Tate and really loved it! I'm studying Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University and have been given an assignment to write a review about an exhibition we've recently seen and i've chosen his! I have a few questions about the process of curating an exhibition and am curious to how you've approached it. I'm also desperately trying to find a list of every work which appeared in the exhibition. I'd really love to hear back from you.

Thank you