Swimming: the aquatic ally of school holidays, the coveted sanctuary of the solitary swimmer, the dreaded nemesis of the hesitant bather. Here is a selection of works where artists have interpreted swimming and its associated meanings, from Leon Kossoff’s noisy pool scene to the awkward adolescent in Ron Mueck’s Ghost

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  • Michael Andrews, 'Melanie and Me Swimming' 1978-9

    Michael Andrews
    Melanie and Me Swimming 1978-9
    Acrylic on canvas
    support: 1829 x 1829 mm
    Purchased 1979 The estate of Michael Andrews

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  • Leon Kossoff, 'Children's Swimming Pool, Autumn Afternoon' 1971

    Leon Kossoff
    Children's Swimming Pool, Autumn Afternoon 1971
    Oil on board
    support: 1680 x 2140 mm
    Purchased 1981 Leon Kossoff

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  • Ron Mueck, 'Ghost' 1998

    Ron Mueck
    Ghost 1998
    Fibreglass, silicon, polyurethane foam, acrylic fibre and fabric
    unconfirmed: 2019 x 648 x 991 mm
    Purchased 1998 Ron Mueck

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  • Richard Hamilton, 'Bathers (b)' 1969

    Richard Hamilton
    Bathers (b) 1969
    Dye-transfer paper mounted on board
    image: 388 x 539 mm
    Presented by Klaus Anschel in memory of his wife Gerty 2008 The estate of Richard Hamilton

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  • Duncan Grant, 'Bathing' 1911

    Duncan Grant
    Bathing 1911
    Oil on canvas
    support: 2286 x 3061 mm
    Purchased 1931 Tate

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  • Ivor Abrahams, 'Baigneuses' 1983

    Ivor Abrahams
    Baigneuses 1983
    Lithograph on paper
    image: 648 x 500 mm
    Presented by Evelyne Abrahams, the artist's wife 1986 Ivor Abrahams

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  • Bill Viola, 'Five Angels for the Millennium' 2001

    Bill Viola
    Five Angels for the Millennium 2001
    Purchased jointly by Tate, London courtesy of Lynn Forester de Rothschild, the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York courtesy of Leonard Lauder, and the Centre Pompidou, Paris courtesy of Lily Safra, 2003 Bill Viola Studio

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  • Charles Conder, 'Swanage Bay' circa 1901

    Charles Conder
    Swanage Bay circa 1901
    Oil on canvas
    support: 457 x 610 mm frame: 592 x 752 x 43 mm
    Presented by Mrs Jessop in memory of W.H. Jessop 1928

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  • Masami Teraoka, 'Longing Samurai' 1993

    Masami Teraoka
    Longing Samurai 1993
    Woodcut, etching and aquatint on paper
    image: 645 x 974 mm
    Presented by Tyler Graphics Ltd in honour of Pat Gilmour, Tate Print Department 1974-7, 2004 Masami Teraoka

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  • Charles Sims, 'The Sands at Dymchurch' circa 1920-2

    Charles Sims
    The Sands at Dymchurch circa 1920-2
    Tempera and oil on canvas
    support: 432 x 889 mm
    Purchased 1942

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  • Samuel Scott, 'An Arch of Westminster Bridge' circa 1750

    Samuel Scott
    An Arch of Westminster Bridge circa 1750
    Oil on canvas
    support: 1357 x 1638 mm
    Purchased 1970

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