I am Senior Product Developer here at Tate. I commission, develop and create products that we stock in our shops at all four Tate galleries and online. I work in a very small team (there are just 4 of us) and we’re based at the Tate Britain site, in a building we refer to as the Lodge - it was originally the Military Hospital lodge, hence the weird higgledy-piggledy corridors inside. It took me a while to get used to them when I joined Tate over a year ago

Jo Mazzota in her office
In the office. I get a good view of the river from my desk!

We create products for most of the exhibitions we have as well as responding to the full range of the Tate collection. Obviously, it’s a very creative role and Tate is a great place for it, as there is so much to inspire you! Also with a rolling programme of up to six exhibitions every three months, it’s continually changing - which keeps me challenged (very important for the creative mind!).

Jo Mazzota pinboard
A snapshot of my pinboard - it's almost like a large-scale sketchbook

In order to make products that really support the exhibition programmes and fit what visitors might be looking for in our shops, we often work closely with designers and artists who we commission to design exclusively for Tate (I’m currently working with the artist Sara Fanelli on a new range, which is very exciting). This part of the job is fab! We also build very close relationships with producers and suppliers - many of whom we have worked with over a long period of time and are always striving to create interesting and unique products. In these blog posts, I’m planning to show you what inspires me, and how I get products from initial concepts right through to the products being sold on to the shop floors. I’ll start by taking you through the process for a range of products we’ve just launched specifically for Tate Britain. We worked with the artist Mark Hearld to come up with the range - here’s a little taster to whet your appetite!

Mark Hearld ceramics
The ceramics Mark Hearld designed for us

 While I pull together the story of these products, we’d love to know, what is your favourite product in the Tate shop?


Linda Scott

Hello Jo

loving your blog and the recent Sara Fanelli collaboration.

I'm an illustrator and wondered how to go about sending a submission to your team?

Thanks and all the best


Koenraad Reynaert


Is there a way to get miro merchandising for wholesale ? Who should i ask ? There's a Miro exhibition coproduced by our museum & currently running. Miro merchanidising sells quite well in our shop

best regards

Koenraad Reynaert MuseumShops royal museums of fine arts of belgium musee-magritte-museum

9 rue du Musée / Museumstraat 1000 Brussels tel+32(2)5083561 / 5083419

Simon Lewin

Hi Jo,

Great to hear about your work!

And great to see Mark's work here. Others might be interested in Mark's fabrics for St. Jude's - http://bit.ly/fIc8Sa

Hope to catch up before too long.




great idea to let the people behind the scenes have a voice about Tate, really interesting stuff!! and Jo is hawt!!!!



I would love to have Cyril Power's print the strong element of lino cutting full of energy.

Miranda Pender

I am very impressed with the 95p magnetic bookmark. So simple, so effective!


the small but perfectly formed fridge magnets! Lovely to have reminders of the exhibitions at a daily glance...my fridge is a work of art!

Hayley McColl

I adore the Bob and Roberta Smith "Make Art Not War" blocks pictured above.

I also love the Tate pocket diaries, always make sure I get one for Christmas now.

Jackie Bradley

The Tate oval eraser is super - my grandchildren in Australia always want them. Love all your Tate branded pencils, pads etc. And, love the Ally Capellino bag

Maria A. Carvalho

Hello Jo,

Thanks for your blog I really like it! Your collections are great indeed! You must have a fantastic job dealing with such a good stuff, I wonder if there are some job vacanties available by any chance...I'd like to send my application.

Thanks in advance!

Kind regards,

Maria A. Carvalho

p.s for further information please contact me on aidarep_6@hotmail.com

Martha Mclean

I got the Tatty Divine ''untitled'' necklace for my niece

& thought it was so great - i wish I had bought it for myself !

more please...

Aimee Blackledge

The Grayson Perry Scarf is amazing!

Ingrid Francis

My favourite item purchased to date has been the 'Sailing By' badge from Tate St Ives. I love the generous postcard selections from the temporary exhibitions aswell, I always succumb to at least a few :)

Sher Kent

I love the new Mark Hearld range.

J Sexsmith

Favorite item? "A/6" document case in orange felt - by pbb&o.

Poul Webb

Favourite item purchased to date - Grayson Perry silk scarf.


A lovely read, keep it up my friend :)), I'm looking forward to reading more top notch creative snippets regarding your inspiration and the final ideal shown through products at Tate

catherine mazzotta

congratulations joanna,

looking forward to seeing what you are creating and developing!

so much to inspire you.....

well done,

catherine et al.


provides access

Thank. It makes me feel great when I read all these stories. It helps me from hopelessness and make me more stronger to fly... thank... for everything. Love

deirdre mcardle

well, I suppose all this muck will help pay for the "architectural revamp" ! or will it just cover your salary ? You know,dearly beloved Tate,a lot of people are saying maybe a bit scruffy is ,you know ,more proletariat friendly.It's all looking too bourgeois,fancy restaurants, oak lined everything,fancy door hinges,all our art institutions.Yes we know you have to make money etc,but still. All our venues make me think of the '70s when a generation went looking for spirituality in a cave in India and so on,maybe because the inside of churches looked like their grandmothers front room ! full of glittery knicknacks! sorry girls.